Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Quarterly Report: Q2 2011

Welcome to the 2nd Quarterly Report of the Journals of a Baroque Pilot. Due to the amount of work involved with tracking the data here and producing these rather pretty graphs (thanks to Bonni3 for the graphs!) The blog has turned into a quarterly report rather than the originally intended monthly instalments. Positive aspects of this includes more quantitative data to analyse. I would recommend keeping the first quarterly report open in a separate tab etc. as there will be a great deal in comparison between the two as I hope to better understand my habits as a pirate. 

Firstly a disclaimer; I have been aware even before pulling any actual concrete statistics that this quarter has been the most devastating to me in my piracy career. I lost over 1/4 of my lifetime ship losses (which is spread across 1 year and 8 months) in this small 3 month period. There are even blog posts on Journeys of a Baroque Pilot that discuss (or moan) about the issue. This coincided with a extended period of solo roaming that I embarked on, albeit not intentionally) due to real life circumstances. As we look deeper I can only assume a trend might emerge from these preliminary statements. Let's begin!

Below is an overview of all recorded battles for this quarter:
        The first thing to note over Q1's data is that there are nearly 4 times the amount of battles that occurred over the course of the 3 month period. In conjunction with that both the maximums and minimums on the 'Net Profit' y-axis are also about 4 times more than that of Q1. Already there's a trend noticeable within these early realisations. There is even a visual trend between the two graphs, as one would expect, due to the types of ships I flew and lost. I clearly hadn't quite learnt my lesson. I flew many, many expensive ships throughout the quarter and lost the large majority of them. Statistics state a close to 2 billion isk loss sink over the entire quarter. 

April was the most explosive month for me; profits rose up to heights of 500 million isk, with losses falling well down to -80 million isk. April also housed around 1/2 of the overall fights during the quarter. The only other point at which I ran into the negative value for profit was during June, though the value is negligible. Despite the heavy losses I still managed to pull an overall profit of 50 million; loot and ransoms combined - salvage still excluded from the totals. As always, ships lost are generally replaced so the overall profit whilst keeping a stocked hangar is something I'm quite impressed with overall, even in spite of the devastating loss streak I endured. 

Below we have efficacy of ship types: mean profit/loss (note that some bars throughout this report will not have error bars - this is because only one of that ship type was flown/lost)
        The evidence given here houses a lot to talk about in relation with the first quarter. We'll start with a positive first to get the ball rolling, namely in that I improved my profit ratio for tech 1 Frigates which had prior been a negative source of income for me. Unfortunately, however, both Assault Frigates and Faction Frigates posted a loss in this second Quarter. This is bad news for me as I thoroughly enjoy flying both classes - it appears that I will need to address how I use both classes and and rectify that in the coming months. I also posted incredibly heavy losses in Faction Cruisers (namely the Stabber Fleet Issue) as I was trying to get used to it and unfortunately lost a fair few throughout. 

        Once again both Interceptors and Battlecruisers post big profits in isk, this time with the error bars closing in and becoming more akin to one another. I should seek to utilize Interceptors more, despite many people's reservations that they are a dying class of ship (when compared to factions frigates and Assault Frigates). The Interceptor I fly most is the Crusader, one that many deem to be rather weak due to it's slot layout and overall tank ability. I feel that an in-depth look at this specific ship might be in order over in the world of Journeys to see if I can demystify any of these beliefs for prospective pilots. My Vagabond has shown it's colours and posted a massive 75 million isk profit amount! Bear in mind that at the point of time this Vaga hadn't been destroyed - the profitability of that ship would change drastically once it become a 170 million isk hole. Once again I am going to break down faction frigates next to see whether I managed to address the issues raised in the past quarter (on top of the fact that I fly this type most frequently and there are two tiers within the category). 

Below we have the breakdown of efficacy of faction frigates: this includes losses
        The first thing to notice is the change in Dramiel profitability throughout the period. This was the only faction frigate that I posted losses with in Q1 and whilst the same holds true it appears that the profitability has shifted slightly in favour of the hull. Perhaps with some more focused attention I can turn that ship into a profitable aspect of my piracy career, rather than a guilty pleasure. It's also clear that the entire line of 'Pirate' faction frigates all post a large loss for me through and through. I went on a tour of them all and in such lost them all rather quickly without ever getting anything great in the way of kills. The Daredevil is my biggest failure in the whole ordeal; no matter how much I try to achieve in that ship I seem to always die in a fire. I really need to go cold turkey on that thing!

        Thankfully the 'Navy Series' of faction frigates still post very encouraging profits for me. Not a single one came out negative and this brings up interesting observations. The performance/price ratio is obviously skewed in favour of the Navy Frigates but I hadn't realized to what degree the extent of that is. It really does take a lot of work to pull a profit in the Pirate Frigates - both due to the already large expense of them, along with target opportunities likely being smaller (due to fear of the ship themselves; something the Dramiel in particular is afflicted with). I feel that I should be pulling back on the Use of Pirate Frigates and making more use of the Navy Series as I pirate through Q3 if I wish to pull a larger overall profit. 

This is a graph that focuses on a request from the Q1 report before; mean isk yield per ship type per battle: does not include losses, does include ransoms.
        Bear in mind that this graph focuses on the potential amount of profit that I could make for each ship class per battle, removing the prospect of losing the ship. Here we see that it's the Faction Frigates and Battlecruisers that seem to carry the largest possible isk profits based on the types of fights I have engaged with them. I would bring this down to the fact that I engage a lot of other faction frigates (which tend to have expensive modules on them); Battlecruisers have the capability to allow me to confidently engage bigger and badder targets and as such the amount of isk that's at stake is far greater. It's interesting to note that Interceptors actually carry the lowest amount of potential isk gain as a ship class despite being the most profitable for me overall for the quarter. This means one must have a more rigid play style to consistently find and win fights in Interceptors without losing them to break even. Finally we'll take a look at another staple in the career of piracy; ransoming. 

Ransom Total: the number above each bar is how many ransoms were received for each ship class
        There's really only one thing we can pull from this graph; ransoms are profitable! In seriousness though, there's a huge trend towards faction frigates catching those elusive pods, something that can likely be attributed to their incredibly high lock time and the targets that I engage also likely having expensive implants for me to base my requests upon. I obtain well over 200 million isk in ransoms from that class which is truly fantastic, though it needs to be said that without the sheer number and amount of isk that I ransom when using Faction Frigates I would end up with an absolutely huge isk hole in my profits - keep that in mind. Another interesting development in the on-going analysis of Interceptors; there were no ransoms! One would think that the beyond awesome lock speed would mean I catch pod after pod, yet there must be a discrepancy in the targets I take on that means no isk comes back my way. 

         Ultimately we end the quarter with an approximated 50 million isk profit and some more data to base my future goals upon. I will be kicking Pirate Frigates for the largest part whilst ramping up my use of the Navy Frigates and Interceptors. This will hopefully put a far more positive spin on the Faction Frigate class and give some more profits back to me. I've had great luck with my very First Vagabond, obtaining a total of 67 kills with it before I finally lost it this past week due to some sleep deprivation and general failure on my behalf. I will be intrigued to see the figures of that ship in the coming report regarding the next quarter. 

        I will be looking to do some more in-depth analysis of specific ship types as the blog continues to evolve - various fittings and their effectiveness when using the Rifter hull for an example. I will likely still tie these in with data from the QR's and provide separate posts to give these investigations the attention they deserve. I can even look into the war between nano kiting and brawling ships to review their efficiency in the current state of low-sec piracy (though I have my assumptions already on this debate). I will be posting up a poll to gauge interest in a few areas I could look at and will keep mindful of what you guys want from this. 

        As always comments are very much appreciated, I have been taken back by the incredibly positive response from everyone about the focus of this blog and rest assured I am committed to continuing the growth of this blog, of Journeys and of the future ventures I'll be embarking on (more on that in future posts!) Let me know what you guys want to see, tell me about your experiences as pilots and even come to your own conclusions on the stats I've provided. The more discussion the better! 

All the best o7


  1. An excellent read and very insightful.



  2. Nice to see this posted!

    You have inspired me to keep track of my own profitability, and I will be posting monthly reports, although the format will be very different from what you have posted. My first one will go up at the beginning of August and will cover the month of July.

    For obvious reasons, your assault frigate numbers interest me the most, and it saddens me to see them do so poorly.

    Interceptors, as you say, seem to be doing really well, but could they be doing better? Your success rate is high, but could you safely broaden your engagement envelope? Is the Crusader so different from the Slicer that you could not be getting some of that ransom action?

  3. Thanks for the comments guys, very much appreciated.

    Glad to know this has been a help Tau, I look forward to seeing your own take on all this.

    I think you'll find that the numbers on the AF's might improve this coming quarter - I ran into some luck using the Wolf that should swing the figures.

    I'm honestly surprised by the Interceptor figures myself to be honest. The issue with the Crusader (and Interceptors in general) is that their targets are so few. I generally pray on the odd tech 1 frigates and the occasional Interceptor I find. It cannot generally take on AF's or the Faction Frigates confidently and as such the window of opportunity isn't all that large for it.

    It could even be due to such restrictive measures that means I do so well in them - I don't get overzealous. The Sader unfortunately is a brawler in comparison to the Slicer that relies on kiting to win. I'll likely do a post to discuss this ship in more detail soon.

  4. An interesting read as always. Have you tried out the Cynabal yet? It's a great ship, especially if you're used to flying Vagabonds. If you want to try it out let me know, I've got one sitting around collecting dust...

  5. Apo! So good to hear from you mate, thanks for the comment; I'm glad to see you are still following my blogs and enjoying the content.

    I do actually have a Cynabal hull (donated by a generous corpie) and I agree it is awesome! I've not flown it a great deal yet but I think it's going to become the new Daredevil for guilty pleasures for me...

  6. I've finally done something similar (but very different) in my own blog. No pretty pictures, but a look at my monthly income and outgoings as a pirate.

    Unlike you, I fly only one ship, so I have organised the data differently. I look forward to your thoughts on the matter.

  7. I was thinking about the different categories to compare, and have you considered gate fights v non-gate fights?

    It would be interesting to see if gate camping (or similar fights) more or less lucrative than solo roaming.